Smart Beat

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The Vital Signs System(VSS)  encompasses the devices required for acquiring the

 user’s physiologic…

The SmartBEAT Companion(SBC)  provides a bridge between the VSS and the remaining components…

The SmartBEAT Inference Unit (MIU) is responsible or storing and processing the data…

The Caregivers Portal (CGP) is a web application serving as the front-end for  caregivers …


Vital Signs System (VSS)


The Vital Signs System (VSS) encompasses the devices required or acquiring the user’s physiologic data and securely deliver it to the correct endpoint. This set of devices will solely communicate with the mobile gateway, delegating tasks such as information processing and user interface on the remaining modules. The VSS is composed of a TOPharness, which encompasses the devices required to acquire. the user’s physiologic data and a mobile device, as a smartphone or tablet.The TOPharness contains textile based sensors for ECG monitoring and integrates blood pressure and oxygen saturation sensors. All these sensors are connected to portable data acquisition modules which transmit the acquired data to a gateway device via Bluetooth. The patient´s activity level will be measured with the user´s mobile phone and embedded sensors. The proposed solution is a smartphone based activity monitoring module which will classify daily living activities throughout the entire day, assessing the associated energy expenditure without causing any change in the user's routines. The activity detection can be performed with the mobile phone placed in several positions, allowing for different usages of solution and, consequently, an unobtrusive usage of the system. The activity monitoring component will be adapted to the specific characteristics of Heart Failure patients and will be part of the smartphone application.



SmartBEAT Companion (SBC)


The SmartBEAT Companion (SBC) provides a bridge between the VSS and the remaining components and acts as a gateway and primary user interface for the patients. It consists of a mobile application which allows the HF patient to interact with each device of the VSS component. The SBC will provide a seamless connection with the SmartBEAT backend infrastructure, namely the MIU. The mobile application will be the interface with the patient and informal caregivers and will act as a permanently available advising companion, reminding and suggesting to the patient the appropriate procedure in case of a health status change. A medication adherence module will be present in the application with prescription information and timely reminders. Questionnaires specifically developed to check patients’ subjective symptoms and motivate self-report will be used to classify NYHA functional class through an appropriate scoring algorithm. The SmartBEAT companion will leverage AICOS competencies in developing mobile application tailored to the needs of elders, such as shown in the SmartCompanion project ( ).



SmartBEAT Inference Unit (MIU)


The SmartBEAT Inference Unit (MIU) is responsible for storing and processing the data obtained with the VSS component – this component contains the system intelligence. The MIU module contains an inference engine capable of analyzing the user’s vital signs, compare them with historical data and trigger an alert classifying the patient’s disease status. This classification will be solely available to formal caregivers through the caregiver’s portal, acting as a filtering stage for posterior analysis on the patient’s physiologic data. The MIU will contain a medication knowledge module and will enable the SBC to provide the patients with personalized information and reminders about their prescribed medicines. The solution goes beyond the usual medication reminders or scheduling by providing to the users personalized knowledge on the type and purpose of the prescribed medication, reducing drug interaction reactions, promoting adherence and reducing self-medication side effects. Patients can ask the system for information on, for example, posology or indications of a certain drug they have to take. This information will focus on HF pharmacology for each participant country. The MIU will also host the semantic search feature of SmartBEAT which will be based on curated ontologies, such as SNOMED-CT. The semantic search feature will also be used to scan and index scientific sources in order to proactively provide intelligent and personalized recommendations about the latest scientific advances to the care givers.


Caregivers Portal (CGP)


The Caregivers Portal (CGP) is a web application serving as the front-end for the formal and informal caregivers, each with different access permissions. The CGP will be tightly integrated with the MIU and will enable the caregivers to access the patient's medical data, such as vital signs. The portal will also provide a personalized news feed to the care givers, which will highlight important events, such as the changes in the patients’ vital signs and alerts raised due to classifications. In addition the news feed will integrate the semantic search engine of the MIU to provide recommendations about the last research and scientific initiatives. The Portal will allow the caregivers to personalize the recommendation by subscribing to semantic topics of personal interest.