An AAL Project

Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research (Fraunhofer Portugal) is a non-profit private association founded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organization for applied research in Europe. Fraunhofer Portugal promotes and coordinates the cooperation between its research center, other research institutions and Industry partners, with the objective of undertaking applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprises and of wide benefit to society.

Fraunhofer Portugal Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions (Fraunhofer AICOS) was initially based on a partnership established between Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the University of Porto. Located in Porto, is the first research center operated by Fraunhofer Portugal. Fraunhofer AICOS aims to enhance people’s living standards by offering them intuitive and useful technology solutions capable of facilitating their access to Information and Communication Technologies, therefore leading to the integration of an increasingly large part of the population in the Information and Knowledge Society.

Filipe Sousa

Consortium Coordinator

Remedus is specialized in advanced home care and hospitalization at home. Besides accompanying the start of the therapy at home, Remedus continuously guides patients and their care givers during their therapy at home in various ways. To support the growth of its activities, Remedus has developed the RemeCare platform as an e-learning, communication- and tele-monitoring platform together with accompanying tablet & smartphone applications.

As an independent company, Remedus cooperates with all Belgian hospitals and focuses on nutrition therapy, infusion therapy, wound therapy, oxygen therapy, coaching patients for adherence and educating patients in the use of auto-injectors.


Peter Van Vooren

Vigisense's technologies, products and solutions seamlessly capture and exploit live, event-driven patient- and caregiver-centered data streams, and workflow parameters. Combining alarm and smart sensor infrastructures and data analytics algorithms, Vigisense's solutions improve safety, quality and operation flows in real-time at the point-of-care, facilitate evidence-based decisions and enable analysis for continuous improvement.

Serge Grisard

Smart Homes (SmH) is the Dutch expert centre on home automation, smart living and e-health. It acts as an independent and intermediary organisation in the market of technology & ageing. Sm18art Homes participated in many projects on ambient assisted living, most of which dealing with context aware software based services. Generally, Smart Homes exploits results of these projects through its partner community, educational courses and consultancy work. Smart Homes has strong dissemination activities through conferences, an annual trade fair, its Magazine, newsletter and website. In SmartBEAT, SmH is responsible for setting up the protocols for user-centred design and evaluation.


Ad van Berlo


LifeOnKey™ is a mobile/web-based solution that transforms the way health information is collected, managed, and analyzed. This online health information technology platform allows for the secure aggregation and exchange of medical data among every major stakeholder in the health care system through a suite of applications and products.

On top of this platform LifeOnKey has developed a suite of applications for monitoring chronic diseases, for eVisits, for patient self-management of a chronic disease or a medical condition.

In addition, LifeOnKey has developed a system-agnostic EMR-HUB to securely integrate patient data (after its proper authentication) – which is will be launched soon to be a bridge between clinical trials IT solutions and the different EMRs.

Linda Harnevo


VERHAERT Masters in Innovation® offers integrated product innovation services. We are the acknowledged leader in our business.Over the last 40 years we demonstrated our innovation potential in more than 500 new products resulting in over 100 patents. We have a customer-orientated organization focused on new products, systems and business innovation programs.Our unique approach maximizes the innovation potential by converging good understanding of and access to state-of-the-art technologies, with user needs and business requirements.At VERHAERT Masters in Innovation® the power of a multidisciplinary range of engineers, scientists and business strategists is combined. Our colleagues deliver their expertise in mechanics, embedded systems, mechatronics, industrial design, optics, mathematics, material science, as well as business strategies and the tools to deploy them.

Bart Penninger


Seniornett (SN) is an NGO working for the inclusion of elderly people in the “e-” world: PC, Internet, social media, etc.  SN has established 200 training centers, “clubs”, all over Norway where senior citizens can go for training, take courses, meet peers, ask questions, socialize etc. The organization has 6 full-time employees, approx. 800 volunteer workers and around 8000 members. Through the network of clubs SN has easy access to thousands of elderly with variable skills and background, but all with an interest in learning about and using new technology for the benefit of themselves and the society. Thus, Seniornett can easily involve focus groups and test panels when needed in the project.


Helge Klitzing

For more than 30 years The Eindhoven Corporation of Primary Health Care Centers (SGE) has provided primary health care in Eindhoven. Besides general practitioners we also offer other medical and paramedical facilities, such as a physiotherapists, psychologists, pharmacists and dentists. These specialists work together to provide you with the best health care. SGE provides health care to more than 80.000 patients from different centers located in Eindhoven.


Mrs. Conny Helder


The Faculty of Medicine of Porto keeps for long a head position in medical education and biomedical research as the first choice for medical students and the main contributor for Portuguese biomedical scientific publications. It played a pivot role in the launching of IPATIMUP, IBMC and ISPUP, with which it maintains strong collaboration, and accommodates in addition five well qualified Research Centers. The spatial and strategic proximity to a central hospital of reference (CHSJ), together with a strongly established basic research, enables a dynamic cross talk between basic and clinical sciences leading to a forefront place in translation and clinical research


Maria Amélia Ferreira


CHSJ is a university hospital and tertiary care center with all medical and surgical specialties available. The close relationship between the hospital and medical school allowed the creation of an environment prone to clinical, basic and translational research. The heart failure and heart transplantation clinic, directed by Professor J.S. Cardoso, is one of its organic units and one of the supporting units of the Heart Transplantation program that exists for over 25 years.



José Silva Cardoso